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Paper Quilling Ornament Making



18 JUNE 2022 (SAT)  /   2 PM – 3 PM

Workshop Outline:

  • Knowing the basics of Paper Quilling
  • Curate your own Ornament 
  • Unleash Creativity and Encourage self-expression

Upon signing up, we will send you the Paper Quilling DIY Kit as well as the relevant link to join the Workshop.   See you there!      



Come Join Us on Zoom

It’s simple, amazing and fun! Learn the basics of Flower Pressing and curate your personalised pressed flower Notebook.

DIY Paper Quilling Ornament Kit

Kit Includes:

  • Paper Strips
  • Quilling Pin
  • String
  • Glue
  • Toothpick
  • Ornament Base
  • Stencil

Upon signing up, we will send you the relevant link to join the Pressed Flower Workshop.

See you there!