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Framed Pressed Flower


Herbarium frames are a perfect gift for plant lovers and home decor enthusiasts. They add beauty to any living space with their carefully handpicked and pressed flowers.
We also provide customized frames for special occasions, making them meaningful gifts to celebrate important milestones.

For further inquiries, contact us at +65-9645-5417 for more information.

Herbarium Pressed Flower Orchid frames include
Ø  Orchid Aranda Yellow
Ø  Orchid Arandra Tiger spots
Ø  Orchid Dendrobium Purple

The frame can either be displayed on a table or furniture, or it can be hung on the wall.


Width 18cm  | Height 24cm


Due to the inherent diversity in flowers, there may be slight variations in size and color compared to what is depicted in the pictures.

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Bringing nature into your home is easier than it seems.

Herbarium frames make an ideal gift for plant enthusiasts and provide an exquisite addition to their home decor. These stunning frames are perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of any living space. Every flower and leaf is thoughtfully handpicked and pressed with care.

For those seeking personalized pressed flower frame designs, we offer customization options for special occasions like weddings and birthdays. They serve as meaningful gift ideas to commemorate your marriage anniversary and relive your happiest memories.

For further inquiries, contact us at +65-9645-5417 for more information.

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Weight 0.35 g
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 0.7 cm